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Peter Pan Homework

Please try to complete as many activities as you can from the choice below, we look forward to seeing your child’s work. Have fun!

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  • Example activities:

    ·         Paint, glue, stick and brightly decorate a royal palace.

    ·         Colour some pictures of royal crests.

    ·         Research into the royal family and who is in it.

    ·         Paint, glue, stick and brightly decorate a crown.

    ·         Role play Kings and Queens.

  • Write down what rules you would have if you were King or Queen.


  • Explore different coins

  • Look at the numbers on different coins.

  • Sort the coins into groups of colour/ size difference

  • Order the coins from lowest to highest.

  • Walking down your road, can you count how many different coloured cars you can see?

  • Around the house, can you find 3 different examples of circles, squares, triangles, spheres, cubes and cuboids?


  • Make a list or take pictures of lots of different plants.
  • Make a list or take pictures of lots of different trees.
  • Can you grow a sunflower?
  • Can you visit a garden centre and find 5 different plants?
  • Can you name as many animals that live in the woodland?


  • Can you name any local landmarks?
  • Can you name any national or international landmarks?
  • Design a flag
  • Make a new landmark that means something to you.


  • Can you list some classroom rules?
  • Listen to different types of music and think about how it makes you feel.
  • Read a range of books, talk about how the main characters may feel?
  • Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.

Please record any homework activities you undertake in the homework book you have received from class alternatively you can email any pictures to In the Subject box mark them for the attention of your child’s class e.g. For the Attention of  Peter Pan Class and we will print them and pop them in the book.