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Zog Homework

Please try to complete as many activities as you can from the choice below, we look forward to seeing your child’s work. Have fun!

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  • Look at books together at home – can you find the front cover, author name and illustrator.

  • Read a rhyming story at home can you find pairs of rhyming words?

  • Practice forming letters and writing words in a range of different materials such as shaving foam, rice, flours


  • Make symmetrical patterns by painting and folding over the paper.

  • Share groups of objects (such as sweets or fruit) between family members, make sure this is done equally

  • Can you find hot/cold items in the home (make sure you discuss being careful and safe around hot objects). You could use a thermometer to measure temperature.


  • Visit a local farm, pet shop or zoo. What animals can you see?

  • Can you set up a farm with toys at home – what animals do you include and which do not live at the farm.

  • Roleplay being a vet, can you care for an animal teddy?


  • Make a card for a friend or family member to make them smile.
  • Can you play catch with a family member. Practice throwing underarm and throwing a ball at a target.


  • Encourage kind actions at home – can we help each other in daily tasks?

  • Make a kindness jar at home – whenever someone is kind, place pompom/marble into a jar. When it is full celebrate with a favourite family activity.

Please record any homework activities you undertake on Class Dojo.