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Sweden Homework

 Here are some ideas for home learning that will be familiar to the children:

Communication and English

To support early attention and communication skills 'Attention Autism' is a great intervention!

Gina Davies is the founder of this and she has many excellent You Tube clips to help parents and staff to understand how it works and the benefits of it. This is a great clip which teaches you 'The Bucket' game. Your child will be familiar with the techniques so why not give it a go!

Here are some links of our favourite signing songs, please keep your child practising!:

Other signing hands resources such as stories and songs can be found at:

Videos of books we have looked at:

Maths Song and Stories:

P.E. and Fine Motor Activities

Funky Fingers

Find a song on YouTube (happy from the Minion movie is a good song) use the dough provided or shaving foam on a table to practise mark making and building hand strength.

Practise rolling the dough, squeezing, pinching and patting.

Practice mark marks with fingers in the foam rather than whole hand focus on up and down then round and round.

Wash your hands

Singing Walrus Wash your hands -