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Paddington Bear Homework

Please try to complete as many activities as you can from the choice below, we look forward to seeing your child’s work. Have fun!

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  • Read a book with nursery rhymes, encourage children to join in with the repetitive verses.

  • Listen to the song ‘Old McDonald had a Farm’, listen to and name the animals 

  • Explore items you see in your home; can you identify the item?

  • Listen to a ‘Sailor went to sea’ - Water play with boats, ducks and toys

  • Practice writing with sensory materials, including rice, shaving foam and conditioner.


  • Listen to environmental sounds within your home and outside
  • Phonics: Practice sounding out set 1 sounds from our Read, Write, Inc programme (m,a,s,d,t)



  • Listen to number songs, can you count using 1:1 correspondence with toys/items in your house 

  • Make a daily routine at home, can they follow the morning routine with symbols

  • Follow a recipe at home which focuses on adding numerical amounts e.g. 1 cup of flour

  • Can you find long and short toys/items in your home, compare the sizes?

  • Explore 2D shapes in your home and garden/community.


  •  Go for a walk in your community e.g. park, forest

  • Explore natural objects e.g. sticks, leaves, grass

  • Make a collage with natural objects

  • Water play with boats, ducks and toys


  • Listen to the weather song, can you identify different types of weather

  • Explore cloths that you would wear for the weather

  • Make a mini planter using a plastic bottle or an old pair of wellies


  •  Take a selfie
  • Share a game with an adult, friend or sibling, encourage turn taking

  • Explore healthy and unhealthy food, compare both and choose a healthy item to eat at home and what you can eat as a treat.

  • Can you tidy your room?

Please record any homework activities you undertake on Class Dojo.