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GilesFest 2019- now in its 4th year and it continues to get even bigger & better!!! 

A great day out had by 100’s of pupils, parents, staff, family & friends, bringing the whole school community together!  Please join me in thanking our parents HayleyAllan, Erica and the PTA for organising yet another fantastic event! They tirelessly give up their own time to raise funds for the benefit of ALL pupils at St. Giles School, Many thanks also to all those involved. 

Total amount raised was ₤1700.00


Fundraising Football - Nov 2019

In November 2019 staff and families from St. Giles School took on a fundraising football match.

Last Sunday evening two of our Dads went head-to-head in a bid to win the ‘St. Giles Cup 2019!!’ 

Allan Perry’s team went on to beat David Martins team 7-6; in a match that was played amongst parents, staff, family & the wider community, in great spirit! 

A huge thanks to Eastwood Community Football Club and parent Steve Astle for arranging the ground/facilities.... which were top class! 

The money raised from the football match will go towards this years fundraising mission; which is to upgrade all of our sensory rooms, as much of the equipment now needs urgently replacing. This will greatly benefit all of our pupils, so thank you to everyone involved!



Event = Abseil  

On the 1st April 2017 parents, children, friends and staff took part in a charity abseil. We all met up at Millerdale, Dale Bridge at the Peak District. It was an amazing day with great company and the weather was great. Everyone took part, even those who where a little worried.

We have so far raised £418.12 from the Abseil - a big Thank you to everyone involved!