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Working together to benefit the children's education

The main aims of the PTA are to support the school and advance the education of the children. We do this by developing relationships between staff, parents and others associations with the school and by helping to provide new facilities, resources and specialist equipment through fundraising.

Review of Fundraising

Just how supportive and amazing our PTA, parents/carers & the wider community are.... they always go that ‘extra mile!’ 

Did you know that through such AMAZING efforts, that over the last two years alone they’ve raised well over £100,000k+ for our school?! That’s approximately £4k+ per month!! 

So much hard-work, personal time and effort has gone in to organising events such as curry nights, GilesFest, football games, gala’s, charity balls, race nights, golf competitions, running marathons, securing sponsorship, asking for donations and much much more!! Thank you to EVERYONE involved 

This is how the amazing fundraising efforts have benefited ALL pupils at our school:

·A Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) has been built on our playground to provide opportunities for pupils to participate in sport, physical activity and clubs outside (approx. cost= £62k)

·A new 7 seater people carrier has been purchased (this is due to arrive this week!) so that more classes/pupils can continue to access trips and activities off-site (approx. cost= £12k)

·We’ve had a disabled accessible ‘Learning Kitchen’ installed, so that pupils can learn to prepare and cook healthy meals/snacks independently (approx. cost= £15k)

·We’ve had an ‘Outdoor Classroom’ built so that pupils can take their learning outside (approx. cost= £4K)

·We’ve had a wheelchair accessible roundabout installed on the playground, which the pupils really enjoy using a playtime (approx. cost= £3k)

· Each year EVERY pupil is also given the opportunity to go to the seaside for the day and GilesFest helps to fund some of this!

Our PTA/parents are determined to keep the fundraising efforts going, to continue to benefit ALL pupils at our school! 

 All monies raised by the Charity 'The Friends of St Giles Parent Teachers Association' goes directly to St Giles School for equipment for the children who attend the school. The Charity is not for profit organisation. 


 Chair Person

Allan Perry

 Vice Chair

David Martins


Hayley Clements


Chris Davidson

School Representative

Laura Taylor