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Owl Babies Class

Class Staff


Michelle Smith

Teaching Assistants

  • Tracey Stephenson
  • Joanna Jeffries
  • Kelly-Maria Webster

Class Overview

Welcome to Owl babies class, we have 9 children who are taught by Michelle Smith and supported by 3 teaching assistants. We operate as an early years class, and all children are working on the discovery pathway. During our day in school the children explore learning environments indoors and outdoors following a sensory based curriculum. All of the children encounter targeted interventions to support their communication and independence, these consist of attention autism. TAC PAC and intensive interaction.

Topic Summary

Here are some of our areas of learning which we will be exploring this half term, we encourage you to become involved in your child’s journey!

Literacy – We will be sharing sensory stories and books to develop our understanding and vocabulary. We will be doing a sensory signing to songs each day to develop our sequencing of rhymes and stories. We will be exploring sounds in the environment, such as vehicles, bells, birds which will all help to focus our attention and concentration.

Maths – In maths we will be handling multiple objects, such as collecting and counting balls/circular objects. We will be handling shapes and will be printing and mark making with these. During sensory singing time we will be listening and engaging with number rhymes.

Understanding of the world – Throughout the topic we will be exploring natural materials in the environment during our nature walks. We will be exploring who we are and will be noticing our features using mirrors. During this term we will be becoming more familiar with our immediate environment and will be locating areas of the school.

Physical development – Twice weekly PE will be used to develop our range of movements, indoors we will be exploring parachute games with peers. Daily fine motor activities will be used to develop our wrist and finger strength. Each morning we will have sensory circuits available for the children to enable them to become ready for the school day.

Expressive Arts and Design – during the topic we will be printing with circular shapes to create wheels, we will be making marks in materials using vehicles. We will also be exploring natural materials such as leaves and twigs and will be carrying out leaf rubbings and mark making with twigs.

Outdoor learning

School will have a continued focus on ‘Outside Learning in all Weathers’ this year, with this in mind if possible please ensure that on each day your child has a suitable coat for the weather conditions.

Could you please send in a bottle of sun cream to keep in school and a hat for your child as we use the outdoors each day and the weather will probably be getting warmer soon.

General Notices

Could you please ensure that your child has a change of clothing in school as a lot of our activities are sensory based. 

Please communicate via DOJO, messages will be read between 8.15 and 8.45 and 3pm until 4.30pm.

Please send social fund contribution (£6) into school as soon as possible to enable us to cook and provide daily snack.

We always participate in outdoor learning, whatever the weather, so can you please send a pair of wellington boots your child can keep at school.  As well as a hat and gloves when necessary, or indeed sun-cream and a hat.

Dates for your diary:

Upcoming events this half term include:

Home / School Communication

Class Dojo

As part of our Covid-secure procedures, we are unable to issue home-school diaries this year.  Government guidance say's that schools must quarantine any books that come into school from home for up to 72 hours.  All home-school communication will therefore need to move over to Class Dojo.  You should expect to receive home-school communication from your child's class team approximately three times per week.  This will provide a fine balance between staff workload and their well-being whilst ensuring you are kept regularly up-to-date on your child's experience in school.  We must however politely remind parents/carers that staff will not be expected to read and/or respond to any Class Dojo messages in the evenings, at weekends or during the school holidays. 

Thank you to those parents who have already signed up for this - your child's class team will be in touch if you have not yet logged in.


There is normally member of the class team available to speak to between 8:15 - 8:40 am or 3:00 - 3:30 pm, please phone the school office and ask for a member of staff from the class if you wish to speak to us.