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Learning Outside the Classroom

We are proud to celebrate that in November 2019, St Giles Spencer Academy were awarded LOtC Mark (Silver) by the registered charity 'Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.' This great achievement was awarded to St Giles in recognition of our 'commitment to ensuring all learners have access to good quality educational experiences beyond the classroom walls' (LOtC). The report highlighted that 'St Giles is clearly a good school working hard to help all of the children in its care navigate the world happily and achieve their potential.'

Inclusion Quality Mark - Flagship Status 

 St Giles was first awarded Flagship Status in July 2018. St. Giles has been awarded ‘Flagship Status’ for its high quality work in inclusion. In order to achieve Flagship Status a school must have held 'Centre of Excellence' status for at least three years prior to attaining Flagship status for the first time.

 An assessor came to re-visit the school in September 2019 as part of the on-going review process, their report concluded that:

St. Giles is truly an inclusive school in the broadest sense of this definition. The school provides a happy and welcoming environment for the pupils and their families. In classes across the school pupil engagement levels are high and they operate with confidence, readily approaching visitors with interest and curiosity. Pupils clearly feel safe in school and this promotes their ability to access a wide range of challenging experiences, both on and off the school site. Parents too feel involved and supported and when a small group of parent representatives were asked if they could think of the one thing that they most valued about the way St. Giles engages with pupils’ families, they all agreed with the one parent who said “I can’t think of any one thing the school does, they do so much.”

Autism Accreditation

On the 5th July 2019 St Giles Spencer Academy were awarded the Autism Accreditation by The National Autistic Society, the UK’s leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. The award was given in recognition of the school’s good autism practice. The report highlights that ‘the school provides personal centred support based on a thorough understanding of each autistic pupil’s strengths and challenges.  Structured teaching approaches are embedded throughout the school and autistic pupils are well supported in their communication, sensory regulation and emotional well-being. There is a strong commitment to empowering them to become more independent and confident in their abilities. Feedback from parents is overwhelmingly positive’. 

Shine a Light - SEN School of the Year

Shine a Light Award – 2019 SEN School of the Year Award

St Giles Spencer Academy was awarded the SEN School of the Year Award for the work that they do in supporting pupils’ communication and independence skills at the UK-wide 2019 Shine a Light Awards, organised by learning company Pearson, in partnership with The Communication Trust. The award celebrates innovative work and excellent practice in supporting children and young people’s speech, language and communication development. They also recognise the hard work and determination of children and young people who have some form of long-term and persistent speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

Fair Active Award

In March 2019 St Giles was awarded the FairActive Award.  To achieve the FairActive award pupils looked at global issues such as where our food comes from and how we are connected to people around the world.

International School's Award

Accredited by the British Council St Giles Achieved the International School's Award in December 2018.  They said "Global learning is embedded throughout St Giles’ thematic curriculum, and it undertakes collaborative international work with partner schools in Europe, Africa and Asia.  Congratulations on your success, and I wish you luck with your future international work. Well done!"

Arts Mark - Gold

As a school we achieved the Arts Mark Silver award in 2017. We wished to continue this further and push our school to work for the Arts Mark Gold award. The Arts Mark scheme aims to bring learning to life through arts and culture - an ethos which is key to St Giles. Specifically, the Gold award aims to provide a culture of arts that is embedded within curriculum, ethos and values. Well done St Giles and onto Platinum! 

Family First

FFQA was is introduced by National Associations of Family Information Services and the DfE in 2008 to help local authority Family Information Services (FIS) meet their legal obligations through independently assessed quality standards. It has been designed to help schools demonstrate how they keep families at the heart of their practice, support children throughout their education and would with partners including FIS to help families access a range of information, advice and support. 

The assessor said "The team at St Giles are rated as Outstanding by Ofsted and I have found this level of care and support consistently provided to families who use the school. The level of attention to specific needs is high and the communication to families, many of whom live a distance from the school, is regular and active using open mornings to share their child's experiences fully. The school's attitude to achievement for families is reflected in their work to attain both mainstream and SEN standards."

By achieving the award, St Giles has demonstrated a level of quality in relation to its work with families; successfully engaging parents, carer and children.

Speakers School Council Award

Awarded in September 2016, the Speaker’s School Council Awards, is for those schools who have made effective use of their School Council to make decisions about a school project to be proud of. Our school unutilised pupil ‘voice’ to support the school leadership team in making decisions about outside learning spaces for all of our classrooms. In addition to this, they have worked with our PTA to help support fundraising ideas for an outside classroom to be built. The PTA have raised approx. £9,000 to fund the project and pupils at St. Giles have contributed to the design of the project, choosing materials, colours, shapes and sizes. This work also underpins some of the schools work on British Vaules, particularly in relation to democracy. Our outside classroom is provisional planned to be built in the spring/summer of 2017.

Sports Mark - Bronze award

Achieved in July 2016, The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of sports competition across their school and into the community.

As a bronze school we achieved the following criteria:

  • A system is in place to track young people’s participation in School Games
  • Opportunities that attract less active young people to participate in physical activity
  • Held a School Games Day as the culmination of a year-round competition programme
  • A calendar of competition is in place that demonstrates opportunities for young people with SEND to take part in competitions;
  • A notice board is in school which promotes School Games activity
  • Plans are in place to provide all pupils with two hours of physical education and school sport per week inclusive of extra curriculum provision;
  • We engage at least 20% of pupils (5% for special schools due to the size of the school) in extracurricular sporting activity every week
  • Use the School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in the appropriate level of competition
  • Engage at least 5% of pupils in leading, managing and officiating School Games activity

Makaton Friendly Award

Achieved in June 2016, The Makaton Friendly Award recognises local organisations, businesses and educational establishments that strive to make their services accessible to children and adults who use Makaton. We are passionate about communication and firmly believe that all pupils and adults with a learning or communication difficulty should be able to access the same services and facilities as everyone else.

ICan – “Primary Talk” Accreditation

 The "iCan Primary Talk” Accreditation was first achieved in July 2015 and has been re-accredited every year since. We were accredited at Specialist Level, not because we are a Special Needs School but rather because of the high quality provision in place to support children's communication needs which is underpinned by the 'expert' knowledge and skill of our staff.

As a Communication Specialist School we deliver high quality, integrated speech and language therapy and education for children with the most severe and complex speech, language and communication needs. Services at Specialist Level can demonstrate collaborative multi-disciplinary practice that benefits the children and their families.

The external assessor/moderator praised St. Giles Spencer Academy for the following:

  • Outstanding strategic lead from senior leaders has resulted in an effective provision for pupils with severe and complex Speech, Language and Communication Needs.
  • Communication is integral to the school’s culture and overtly demonstrated through the physical environment and practice of all staff
  • The impact of the focus on communication has led to a reduction in behaviour incidents and improvement in pupil attainment
  • A wide range of differentiated strategies and specialist approaches were used by the whole staff team to support learning and inclusion
  • Pupils were engaged in their lessons due to a high level of multisensory input and all opportunities were used to encourage independence skills
  • There is an excellent deployment of staff and classroom teams work effectively together to meet the care and educational needs of each child
  • Feedback from parents was extremely positive. In particular:

                     Their involvement in their child’s IEP and sharing the target setting process

                     The support and resources provided by school to address specific difficulties at home

                     The good progress they have observed in their children since joining the school

                     How their own expertise in SEN is recognised and used by the school to develop a ‘tailor made’                                provision for their child