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Mexico homework


This homework was set on- 10th February 2020

Deadline is - 25th March 2020

Curriculum Area




We will be looking at fiction and non-fiction this half term including ‘My world, your world’ and ‘The children’s illustrated atlas’. We will be following the adventures of Barnaby Bear.

  • Can you tell me some facts about Mexico? What do they eat? is it hot? 
  • Can you draw a picture of your favourite teddy and tell me its name?


  • This half term in maths we will be looking capacity and weight. Can you follow a recipe? Measuring out all the ingredients? Can you take a picture of what you have made? 
  • We will also be exploring statistics. During the half term could you go on a lovely walk and collect lots of different natural things (leaves, twigs, stones) Can you count how many of the same things you collected and record your findings.


  • This half term in science we will be exploring the digestive systems in humans, can you draw a picture of the healthy foods that you like.
  • We will also be learning about our teeth and how to keep them healthy. Can you brush your teeth every morning and night? Send us a picture on Dojo.


  • Can you draw the Mexican flag?
  • Can you make a healthy snack and send us a picture on Dojo



During this half term we will be focusing on friendships and celebrating our differences. Do you like the same food as your family?, is your hair a different colour? Can you take a picture of you and your family and tell me what is the same and what is different

Please record any homework activities you undertake in the homework book you have received from class alternatively you can email any pictures to In the Subject box mark them for the attention of your child’s class e.g. For the Attention of Mexico Class and we will print them and pop them in the book.