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Lion King Homework

Please try to complete as many activities as you can from the choice below, we look forward to seeing your child’s work. Have fun!

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  • Complete mark making or writing in sensory materials.

  • Draw, paint or collage a citu. You could make puppets to look like the Queen or Queen’s guard from ‘The Queen’s Hat’. 

  • Watch a video on the Queen’s hat to hear the story being read · Find any other stories that are to do with London or the Queen

  • Make a list of different things you would need to pack for a day in the city


  • Practice counting, adding and subtracting using Lego/pasta/counters, toys.

  • Handle, match and group different coins

  • Explore different containers that can hold water. Which holds the most/least.

  • Listen and follow different counting songs e.g. 


  •  Look for animals that live near water sources including insects, frogs or ducks.

  • Make a list of lots of different plants.

  • Make a list of lots of different trees.

  • Can you grow a sunflower?

  • Can you visit a garden centre and find 5 different plants?


  • Watch a video of Queen Elizabeth being corrinated. What can you see? Look on google at pictures of different Kings and Queens and make a collage of the pictures.
  • Look up Kadinsky and try to create a dot based picture. You could cut different circle paper up and layer them or draw them each by hand. The story ‘the Dot’ can accompany this 


  • Can you list some classroom rules?

  • Can you describe what you need to do at a zebra crossing?

  • Read a range of books, talk about what hazards or risks you can see.

  • Draw a picture of something that keeps you safe.

Please record any homework activities you undertake in the homework book you have received from class alternatively you can email any pictures to In the Subject box mark them for the attention of your child’s class e.g. For the Attention of  Lion King Class and we will print them and pop them in the book.