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Lion King Homework

Please try to complete as many activities as you can from the choice below, we look forward to seeing your child’s work. Have fun!

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    •  Read any traditional tales, either physically or watching a video of a story on youtube

    • Copy / discuss the emotion / faces the character is showing

    • Pose as characters from a story and look back on the images, compare with book, use symbols to comment, caption the image

    • Sensory writing which includes pre-writing and letter shapes (I can share more info on dojo for this is wanted) 


  • Find different sounds in the environment e.g. naming sounds on packaging, road signs etc. Copy saying / writing them
  • Sensory mixtures with different objects hidden in them. Find the object, name it, practice writing the initial sound


  • Handle money exchanges at home e.g. role play shop. Exchange money (real or pretend or other item such as counters) to practice handling money

  • Handing over money in a shop in exchange for an item

  • Follow a recipe at home which focuses on adding more to an amount

  • Follow a recipe at home which focuses on adding numerical amounts e.g. 1 cup of flour

  • 3D shape hunt in house e.g. packaging, boxes, recycling. Sort into similar groups


  • Explore different forms of exercise and how it makes you feel: e.g. hot, out of breath, better, worse etc.


  • Build a structure like an ancient roman building e.g. junk modelling a colosseum
  • Look back at old images of themselves and what they look like now. Model sequencing the images


  • Explore sorting out some foods (could be done with a food shop) into healthy and unhealthy / forming a plate which has a mixture on

Please record any homework activities you undertake on Class Dojo.