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Hungry Caterpillar Class

Class Staff


Emily Deacon

Teaching Assistants

  • Nathan Jones
  • Georgina Gadsby
  • Tia Barker-Hall
  • Yasmin Karim (Mon, Thurs, Fri)
  • Janet Sutton (Tues, Wed)

Class Overview

Hungry Caterpillar class is a Phase 1 class comprising 8 pupils taught and supported by class teacher Beth and teaching assistants Tanya, Kerry & Jo.  The pupils in Hungry Caterpillar class are following the Discovery pathway of learning with our curriculum drivers of Communication, Independence and Community underpinning everything we do.  Pupils routinely access a  range of therapies and interventions including TACPAC, Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction, sensory circuits and physiotherapy.  We enjoy learning in the classroom and in our outside area as well as across other outdoor spaces on the school site.

Topic Summary

Welcome to Summer 2.  Our topic this half term is ‘Royal’s Rule,’ it is a History themed topic with a focus on kings, queens and the Royal family, we will be learning:

  •  English: we will be listening to the rhyme ‘There was a Princess Long Ago’ as well as reading stories including Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, exploring the stories in a sensory way as well as handling books, looking at pictures and turning pages. We will continue to improve our writing skills through fine motor and gross motor development and begin to explore different tolls and surface with which and onto which we can make marks.
  • Phonics: we will continue to develop our knowledge and skills in rhythm and rhyme, instrumental sounds, environmental sounds and vocal sounds through practical and sensory experiences.
  • Maths: in Maths we will be exploring place value and addition through handling coins and exploring quantities with real coins and in role-play situations. In Measurement we will be discovering our understanding of time though routines and structures of the day. In Geometry we will be discovering the language of position and direction exploring in, on and under as concepts and beginning to explore 2d shapes. Finally, in statistics we will be beginning to discover sorting by specific criteria such as colour or shape.
  • Science: in science we will be learning about ourselves in relation to others, we will be learning about different types of animals and their habitats as well as exploring a range of flowers relating to Royal gardens and farm land and materials in our environment.
  • History: we will be learning about current and historic members of the Royal family as well as ceremonial processes such as Coronations. We will explore our own History through looking at photos of learning which has taken places this year.
  • Art & Design: in Art & Design we will be designing and making our own castles through sponge printing bricks, jewellery through decorating and stringing pasta and beads, collaging our own Union Jack flags and exploring Andy Warhol style paintings of the queen, having a go at creating our own.
  • P.E.: P.E. will take place on Monday afternoon in the Multi-use Games Area (M.U.G.A) outside, weather permitting and on a Tuesday morning in the hall. Tuesday’s session will be based on Athletics which is our P.E. focus this half-term. We will be developing our skills of throwing, catching, rolling and competing in running/walking/crawling races.  Our Monday MUGA session will focus on getting active: running, skipping, jumping and so on.

Outdoor learning

1) School will have a continued focus on ‘Outside Learning in all Weathers’ this year, with this in mind if possible please ensure that on each day your child has a suitable coat for the weather conditions, as well as sun cream and a hat if necessary.

General Notices

Please send social fund contribution (£6) into school as soon as possible to enable us to cook and provide daily snack.

We always participate in outdoor learning, whatever the weather, so can you please send a pair of wellington boots your child can keep at school.  As well as a hat and gloves when necessary, or indeed sun-cream and a hat.

Dates for your diary:

Upcoming events this half term include: soon to be added

Home / School Communication

Promote communication & independence appropriate to the level of your child, this may include the use of signs, symbols or spoken communication, feeding themselves, putting on their own coat & shoes.

Please see Family Homework sheet for specific topic related homework

Class Dojo

As part of our Covid-secure procedures, we are unable to issue home-school diaries this year.  Government guidance say's that schools must quarantine any books that come into school from home for up to 72 hours.  All home-school communication will therefore need to move over to Class Dojo.  You should expect to receive home-school communication from your child's class team approximately three times per week.  This will provide a fine balance between staff workload and their well-being whilst ensuring you are kept regularly up-to-date on your child's experience in school.  We must however politely remind parents/carers that staff will not be expected to read and/or respond to any Class Dojo messages in the evenings, at weekends or during the school holidays. 

Thank you to those parents who have already signed up for this - your child's class team will be in touch if you have not yet logged in.


There is normally member of the class team available to speak to between 8:15 - 8:40 am or 3:00 - 3:30 pm, please phone the school office and ask for a member of staff from the class if you wish to speak to us.