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Italy Homework


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  • Celebrations- look at pictures of different types of celebrations both religious and non-religious e.g. Christmas, Diwali, birthdays, graduation. What can you see in the picture? Use family pictures if possible. 


  • Being happy - ‘Talk’ about someone or something that make you happy - ask a grown-up to video you showing them.



  • Patterns - make your own wrapping paper for a gift, using paint or stampers create a repeating pattern on the paper.


  • Direction - when going out and about talk about direction, we’re going forward, we’re turning left etc. 


  • Ask your child, daily, “What is the weather today?” so they can fill in the weather chart at school (please use attached symbols.)
  • Identify different things that we wear when it is hot.
  • Let you child test different materials in water to see if they float or sink.
  • Show your child how water turns to ice when placed in the freezer.
  • Make ice lollies.


  • Colour and sound - If you have the opportunity to watch fireworks, see if you can name the different colours of the fireworks and even share how they make you feel. If you have the chance to take any photos of the different fireworks, we would love to see them.
  • Light and Dark - Explore light and dark at different times of the day in your home - how can we make the room light / how can we make it dark?
  • Firework pictures - Create a firework piece of artwork in any style you wish to share with your friends. We recommend using chalk or paint on black card.
  • Making decorations - Make decorations for your home for a celebration or festival of your choice.


  • Anti-bullying - This term we have a special focus week on ‘anti-bullying’ and being a good friend, you could make a card about a celebration of your choice for your friends.


  • Celebrating together - Invite a family member or friend to celebrate something together - a religious festival, family celebration (birthday etc.) or a personal achievement


From the selection below choose at least 1 activity to carry out with you child.  This is designed to be a pleasurable experience for you all and should include at least one activity your child can have-a-go at with some help.