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Class Routine Activities

 Group Time

  1. Hello song – Now it’s time to say Hello
  2. Days of the week song- Round and Round the days of the week (on routine CD)
  3. What’s the weather like today (Kiboomers)
  4. If you’re happy - Super simple learning

Story Time/Love for reading/Reading skills

We have been using The Very hungry Caterpillar story and this is available as a video on YouTube.

Then sit for 5-10 minutes sharing a book together – one of their choice one of your choice. Can they turn the pages, look at the pictures for a short while? Can they point to objects that you name? Can they match some of the words that you write down?

Oxford Owl and Cbeebies also have some lovely stories to watch and listen to.

Dough Disco/Funky Fingers

Find a song on YouTube (happy from the Minion movie is a good song) use the dough provided or shaving foam on a table to practise mark making and building hand strength.

Practise rolling the dough, squeezing, pinching and patting.

Practice mark marks with fingers in the foam rather than whole hand focus on up and down then round and round.

Singing Hands from YouTube

Time to relax before dinner time choosing singing hand videos from YouTube, followed by our Dinner time songs.

Music Time

Sit together and share the music time, do the actions to the songs and encourage the child to copy and join in.

Bounce the Teddy – Bounce a Teddy on your knee and sing to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

           “Bounce the Teddy fun to do, then its time for someone new,

           My turn, your turn, we can share,

           My turn, your turn, then its fair,

           Bounce the Teddy fun to do then it’s time for someone new,”

Passing the teddy to the next person and continue until everyone has had a go.

Encourage the children to choose who they want to pass it to and to pass the Teddy themselves independently.

Sticky Kids

Sticky Kids action songs:

Music Music Music -

Clap your hands or use two sticks to tap/clap to the rhythm of the music moving them to the instructions.

Topic  - Topic activities such as Art, Geography, History, Science and PE

For PE we have been using the following routine:

Action song by Singing Walrus -

Bend and stretch by Sticky Kids -

Lets go walking by Sticky Kids -

We are looking for the children to listen, follow instructions, carry out the actions fully really stretching and moving as best they can and to be able to stand independently on a spot without moving until the music starts.

End of the Day -

Class Dojo – sharing successes of the day and giving out Dojo points. You could do a visual version of this by having a reward sticker/picture that you add to a chart. Once they fill the chart they get a reward.

Then we put on Celebrate (Kool and the Gang) and look at photos of the learning they have done that day to reflect.

Useful Links

For sign of the week, Makaton videos and Makaton resources go to:

Videos of books we have looked at:

Maths songs: