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  • To watch the story ‘The Tiny Seed’ on youtube-
  • To watch the story ‘duck in the truck’ on youtube-
  • Listening to the story duck in the truck can your child listen to the sounds of the different animals and using the symbols attached point or say or make the sound of the animal. I have attached the symbols on Class Dojo.
  • Watch the story ‘Plant a tiny seed’ on youtube and follow the actions-
  • We will do a song a week on Class Dojo for your child to listen to and sing / move along with.
  • A spring hunt in the garden I will send a sheet through that you can print off or use on the iPad to use to find different objects in the garden.
  • To mark make using water in the garden on the floor or chalks so it washes away.
  • Using any food bag you have you can put paint in these and seal them using it for mark making.


  • To create a butterfly picture, using paints on one side of the paper and to fold the paper to create symmetry on the other side.
  • Making rainbow cakes, I will send a recipe for you to follow too.
  • Making colourful sensory bottles- pouring and filling bottles with different coloured water- using paint or food colouring you may have in the cupboard. You can add in any sequins or buttons or glitter that you may have and can watch them move. Don’t forget to glue the lid on.



  • Finding objects in the garden, any flowers you do not mind being picked and to freeze them in ice and to see what happens when the ice melts.
  • For music to make a rain maker- using empty toilet rolls or kitchen rolls and finding materials or cling film to cover the ends and any elastic bands or hair bobbles, add in rice or lentils and cover the other end. Your child can then decorate the holder and join in with our song time each week.
  • Plant seeds or silly cress heads- I will send a picture with this.
  • If you have read the book duck in the truck you could find any car/ tractor toys you have at home with paper and paint and move the wheels through the paint.



I have added some website here that you will games / activities for on the computer / iPad which may be interesting let me know what you think!

Hope these help! If you need anything else let me know. This is just a start I will send things throughout the week too.

Thanks Jess