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Morning song wake up shake up song.

 Sign of the week, Makaton video’s and Makaton resources

Sign of the week + resources:  

Mr Tumble Nursery Rhymes (Makaton supported):

Mr Tumble letters

Key Makaton signs:

Singing hands (stories and songs):

Hey bear sensory songs and videos:

Curriculum Area




  • Share a bedtime story – linked to our topic

  • Play – listen to the different farm animals?

  • Parents can you model the sign for each animal (Makaton signs are below) if you have any farm animals at home, let the children hold them when you hear the sound.


  • Potato printing, can you use two colours?

  • To fill and empty different sized containers with malleable items (e.g. rice, soil, cornflakes)

  • To listen to five little ducks/five speckled frogs


  • Can you go on a spring hunt and find the things below.
  • Work with an adult to make dough – can you mix the flour and water?

  • Can you poke and pull the dough.

  • Can you collect different things from the garden to make your own nature picture?


  • To interact with adult’s through verbalisations or gestures when playing together

  • To point to symbols /photos with support of things that they see in the garden

  • To listen and respond to a favourite animal song


Animal Makaton Signs

Garden Hunt