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Elmer Homework

Please try to complete as many activities as you can from the choice below, we look forward to seeing your child’s work. Have fun!

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  • With the stories below, you can make them into sensory stories, by using fabrics, food and musical instruments around the house you may have. (for example use ·
  • To bang sounds like fireworks with pots and pans in the house. · To splash in water this could be in the sink or the bath with any toy animals you have and sing the Noah’s Ark story in the bath. Making the animal sounds. ·
  • Encourage your child to sign/ use symbols to request what they want / need – please contact your child’s class teacher if you need symbols for home.
  • Encourage your child to use the signs- MORE and HELP and I WANT… Signs related to our teaching and learning will be posted on class Dojo.


Where’s Mr Astronaut 

Whatever Next 

How to Catch a Star 

We will also pop parts of the story on Class Dojo for you to look at, at home.

  • You could make astronaut helmets at home with tin foil or colanders which you may have in the kitchen. Dress up as some of the characters in the stories.


  • Stepping and counting up the stairs to the zoom zoom zoom song. ·
  • Dancing to your favourite songs and space songs. ·
  • You can go to the local park and explore climbing up and down equipment. ·
  • Wiggle whilst you squiggle session- using shaving foam to make marks in to your favourite music.


  • At home when your child has played with toys you can encourage them to tidy them up. 
  • To look at emotions, looking in a mirror and pulling faces to each other. 
  • Begin to look at road safety and when you are crossing a road stop and talk to your child about crossing the road.


  • Planet marble art. Get a tray and move the marbles across to make patterns.


  • Make sensory bags using jelly and goggle eyes to push and make an alien. 

  • Make moon dough. We will pop the recipe onto class dojo. · Use toilet roll tubes and decorate to make into a rocket, paint a hand print like shown in the picture.


  • Using a range of bath bombs and put them in bath talking to your child about the planets and watching them disappear. · Use google maps to look at planet earth and find where you live. 

  • In the evening when it goes dark can you go outside or look through the window to find the moon and the stars. How many can you see? 
  • Make some rocket biscuits at home. We will post a recipe on Dojo. 
  • Look for old and new toys and toys that are made from different materials. How do they feel? ·
  • Use glow sticks in the bath, turn of the lights and pretend you are in space.


  • Listen and join in with the number rhymes: Zoom, zoom, zoom were going to the moon 5 Little men in a flying saucer

  • Make a rocket with different shapes here is an example 

  • Print stars or draw stars onto paper and count the stars today you can also begin to use words such as big star and small star.

  • Make your own rocket at home using boxes, you can paint the rocket and use the different shaped boxes to make a rocket.

Please record any homework activities you undertake on Class Dojo.