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Elmer Homework

Please try to complete as many activities as you can from the choice below, we look forward to seeing your child’s work. Have fun!

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  • listen to the sounds that the train makes, and take turns to create those sounds use the signs for the key words – these will be posted onto the DOJO page.


  •  To listen and read the books: ‘The Old Steam Train’ ‘The Circus Train’ ‘You see a Circus’ Collect objects that represent the train story and the circus story, look at these together as you look/listen to the stories. The early years team will video these books and will post them onto DOJO Key words – train, circus, listen, hear, old


  • Exploring different ways of moving the legs and feet – walking/skipping/hopping/jumping
  • Stepping/jumping through hoops
  • Running a toy train across the tracks
  • Mark making along a track using a variety of tools/brushes/pens


  • Taking turns rolling a train ‘my turn, your turn’
  • Using puppets to act out a role as a character – make a puppet, take turns engaging with your child
  • Make clown faces using paper plates – talk about happy and sad faces
  • Make a tent using blankets – share the space with your child


  • Make a flag to wave using a variety of colours and materials
  • Create a junk model train using different sized containers – extend by painting when dry
  • Make tracks in the sensory materials – foam/sand/cornflour using a train



  • Look at family photos/black and white photos
  • Looking at facial features, pointing to features and making clown faces
  • Exploring materials using their senses – make some popcorn and taste it
  • Watch a puppet show together/clowns/jugglers


  • Exploring and handling shapes when creating a model train with junk

  • To use flat shapes to create a train – draw around them and support your child to colour in the shapes

  • Singing counting songs with animals in (used to be seen in a circus) 3 little monkeys,

  • Counting and grouping animals – use pictures/models of animals, can the children find the same? Count the elephants? Make a line of 5 monkeys?

Please record any homework activities you undertake on Class Dojo.