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China Homework

 From the selection below choose at least 1 activity from each section to carry out with you child.  This is designed to be a pleasurable experience for you all and should include at least one activity your child can have-a-go at with some help. 

Curriculum Area




  •  In English we will be listening to and learning about a range of different fiction sea-side stories. It would be great for you to either visit the library or look at home for your favourite seaside story. Can you read it with a grown up and then write a book review explaining what was good, why you liked it and what it was about!

  • We will also be producing some information texts on the seaside. Can you make a leaflet about your favourite seaside location – you may have been on holiday there or research somewhere on the internet.


  • During the half term we will be looking at money. Can you help when paying at the shops. Look at coins together at home – can you notice differences and sort them into different piles?

  •  We will also begin to look at time – can you name all of the days of the week? You could find a song on youtube to practise the days and their order. We will begin to look at the numbers on the clock – can you tell what hour it is?


  • We will be looking at the seaside as a habitat. Could you make an under the sea 3D model showing different sea life. You could research this using books and the internet first.
  • Can you experiment with floating and sinking at home. What objects sink to the bottom of the sink and which float on top of the water. You could record this in a grid.


  • Make a picture of the seaside using different materials.
  •  Try and create a boat that will float. You need to think about shape, design and which materials are waterproof. Perhaps, you could even test some materials in water?


  •  In PHSE we will be continuing our focusing on growing up and the changes our body will go through. You could draw a picture of a child and a grownup and label the differences between the two bodies. If you are slightly older, you could also focus on the changes with puberty. You could also talk about feelings and keep a feeling diary thinking about what activities make you happy and why some things may make you sad.