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China Homework

 From the selection below choose at least 1 activity from each section to carry out with you child.  This is designed to be a pleasurable experience for you all and should include at least one activity your child can have-a-go at with some help. 

 This homework was set on - 10th February 2020

Deadline is - 25th March 2020

Curriculum Area




We will be focusing on 5 different countries, looking at one country per week. The countries we will be looking at are India, Mexico, Australia, China and Brazil. Can the children research one of these countries, what food they eat, what the weather is like, what does the flag look like etc and create a fact sheet?


In Maths we will learning about number and place value, data handling and measurement, capacity and weight. Children could help you weigh different items around the house using the words heavy/light. For data handling, children could collect information from family members e.g. favourite colour, favourite animal etc.


We will be looking at the human body and the digestive system, children could begin to research different parts of the body and name the parts of the human body. Children also could look at different ways to keep healthy, making good choices for food, exercise and hygiene.


Children could create their own healthy plate at home and you could send us a picture on dojo. We will also be reading and learning about the Easter story.   



We will be looking and focusing on how to keep ourselves healthy. Children could talk to you about why it is important to keep ourselves healthy and the ways we could do that in the choices they make.