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Class Overview

Iron Giant class is full of excitable and caring personalities! There are 13 pupils in Iron Giant class, who mainly follow out deepening pathway. They are supported by class teachers Emily and Tom, alongside Molly and Jacob. Children in Iron Giant class focusing on deepening their knowledge in all subject areas, often focusing on the 'how' and 'why' questions within learning activities. It's great when children share their learnt information with their peers, especially when they have independently researched the answer themselves! Children in Iron Giant are also developing their work within the local community and coming up with their own ways to raise awareness of local projects/ charities.

Topic Summary

Hi, we hope everyone had a great and relaxed half term and you are all ready to go as we enter 2022. We have a really exciting topic this term and cannot wait to get started! Our topic this half term is “Meet the explorers!”, this term we will be learning:

Maths: This half-term we will be integrating more math-based work around factions, focusing on halves and quarters of both numbers and shapes. We will also be learning about mass and measuring in grams and kilograms.

Science: We are learning about space, focusing on the solar system and order of different planets. It’ll be great to have some practical lessons around this, science will be ‘out of this world’.

P.E.: BFG Class love being active and love being outside! This term we are learning about gymnastics. Please ensure your child has a suitable P.E. Kit consisting of a t-shirt, shorts or joggers and pumps or trainers. We will be exploring the different types of jumps and balances.

History: We are looking at explorers from the past and comparing them to more decent explorers, as well as focusing on the differences between ‘old and new’. We will be going deep in our explorations of Vikings and traveling via seas! We will also be incorporating the pupils likes and interests within this topic.

Design and Technology: We will be exploring different types of transport throughout the whole world and also those types of transport within video games. We will then compare and create them related to our History based topic, focusing on travel by air and sea.

PSHE: Within BFG Class, we have a large focus on PSHE. Our daily activities are often focused around building positive relationships, deepening key life skills, such as personal care, cooking and how to live a healthy lifestyle. We will also be accessing the community weekly

Outdoor learning

 P.E.: Is on Wednesday afternoon, however, BFG Class spend a lot of time outside the classroom learning how to play games, positively interacting with peers and learning how to share a play space with others. Please ensure your child has a suitable P.E. Kit consisting of a t-shirt, shorts or joggers and pumps or trainers.

Please send in a spare set of clothes which we can keep for this purpose as the children may get very wet and muddy. As we intend on continuing outdoor learning throughout all weather conditions, please be mindful of the weather and dress children appropriately

General Notices

Please send social fund contribution (£6) into school as soon as possible to enable us to cook and provide daily snack.

We always participate in outdoor learning, whatever the weather, so can you please send a pair of wellington boots your child can keep at school.  As well as a hat and gloves when necessary, or indeed sun-cream and a hat.

Dates for your diary:

Upcoming events this half term include:

  • W/C Monday 24th January- SEND plan, do, review week (Jakk will send out further information closer to this week.
  • Tuesday 1st February – Chinese New Year
  • Monday 7th February – Mental Health Focus week
  • Tuesday 8th February – Safery Internet Day
  • Wednesday 9th February – Family Homework Session
  • Friday 18th February- Last day of Term We will communicate other key themed days/ events alongside family homework on class dojo. 

NB: All dates to be confirmed/ adjusted to suit COVID guidance at the time.

Home / School Communication

CLASS DOJO- Jakk, Helen and Kyron will be posting regular updates in terms of activities in class, along with updates on children’s learning experiences! If you require a new sign-up sheet, please let a member of the class team know

All classes use the forest school site as an extension of our classroom to help enhance positive learning experiences. BFG class also have PE on Wednesday afternoons, please ensure that children come into school in their PE kits!

Please see this terms Family Homework sheet and class dojo for specific topic related homework.

As the focus of this term’s topic is explorers, you could play this great explorer game at home! 

Class Dojo

As part of our Covid-secure procedures, we are unable to issue home-school diaries this year.  Government guidance say's that schools must quarantine any books that come into school from home for up to 72 hours.  All home-school communication will therefore need to move over to Class Dojo.  You should expect to receive home-school communication from your child's class team approximately three times per week.  This will provide a fine balance between staff workload and their well-being whilst ensuring you are kept regularly up-to-date on your child's experience in school.  We must however politely remind parents/carers that staff will not be expected to read and/or respond to any Class Dojo messages in the evenings, at weekends or during the school holidays. 

Thank you to those parents who have already signed up for this - your child's class team will be in touch if you have not yet logged in.


There is normally member of the class team available to speak to between 8:15 - 8:40 am or 3:00 - 3:30 pm, please phone the school office and ask for a member of staff from the class if you wish to speak to us.