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Read and research different celebrations, print off/ write anything interesting that you find to share with your friends in class. Choose a celebration to design and create a card. For example could you make a Christmas card for somebody in your family?


We are looking at prepositions this half term. Can you go on a toy hunt and see where your toys are hiding. Are they on the table? Are they in front of your other toys? Are they behind a box? Or are they underneath your bed? If you fancy a spooky activity carve or colour in a pumpkin looking at the different shapes you can make.


 For festive science ideas you could make ice decorations and leave them in different areas of the house to see which ones melt first. As we will be focusing on light this half term go and watch the fireworks, hunt for pumpkins or look at Christmas lights focusing on different light sources. You could draw your shadow at home with chalk at different times of the day and see how it changes!


Create a firework piece of artwork in any style you wish to share with your friends. We recommend using chalk or paint on black card. If you finish this and want a Christmas activity, look online and see if you can create your own bauble to either bring into school or put on your tree at home.



At school this term we will be working on the importance of sharing and being kind to our friends. You could create a friendship flower and choose pictures/symbols to describe your friends. If you fancy a stretch and challenge you could even write kind words!