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As we will be focusing on some non-fiction writing this half-term you could keep a diary of your daily exercise and food consumption. If you complete this task bring it into school we can compare it with your friends. If you really enjoy diary writing, see if you can find any books at home or in the library as good examples or something we look at, at school. If you want to get extra busy you could create an Easter card for a friend in your class or somebody in your family!


In maths we will be re-visiting number and place value. Mexico is a very energetic class and children love outdoor learning. For links with maths and PE you could visit a park or the race course and run, jump or hop etc a certain number of times. If you have a fit bit, heart rate monitor or stopwatch at home you could even try and use these to complete circuit a certain number of times. For weight and capacity can you help your mums and dads with cooking and measuring? You could even make an Easter cake!


In Science we will be looking at the human body. If you are keeping a food diary in English you could use this to make an advertising poster for healthy eating and daily exercise. There are also lots of games on the CBBC website/ jumpstart Johnny to get you moving as an experiment to see what happens to your body during exercise. If you are looking for something simple to do you could even draw a labelled picture of your face or body and bring it into school to put on our display.


In art we will be focusing on famous portrait artists such as Picasso. Could you re-create a famous picture of Picasso’s or even draw yourself in the style of Picasso. If you want to get really art you could use a range of media such as paint, crayons and collage.


In PHSE we will be focusing on self-care and hygiene. As we are growing up and getting more mature it is important that we begin to understand the changes or bodies may go through puberty and exercise. At home you could use a teddy or a doll to role play and talk about different scenarios of getting changed/ having a shower after exercise. If you want to work really hard you could create a cartoon strip telling people how to get changed after exercise.