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Italy Homework


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Please share books with your child to encourage their interest in stories.

Encourage your child to “mark make” using pencils, crayons, in shaving foam, flour, etc. The marks they make will help with their fine motor skills as a basis for writing.


Encourage your child to join in number rhymes to help with their counting skills. 

Ask your child to name and match colours. 

Encourage your child to play games to encourage turn taking and sharing.


As we are “Italy” class we are finding out about the country. If you eat any food from Italy can you name the food and discuss this with your child.

As we approach autumn can you encourage your child to make observations of the seasonal changes.


Please help your child draw a picture of your family labelling who each person is. 

Encourage your child to draw/discuss what happens at school and talk about their friends.

From the selection below choose at least 1 activity to carry out with you child.  This is designed to be a pleasurable experience for you all and should include at least one activity your child can have-a-go at with some help.