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India Homework


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* Fine / gross motor mark making activities. This could be explored through rice, flour, water, sand, shaving foam etc. This area focuses children’s intentional mark making and helps to improve tracking and pressure. If adults prompt children to use both hands with a range of hand positions, this will be most beneficial.

* Watch / listen to ‘funny bones’ and a range of non-fiction texts about the human body

* Be sports people and do some exercise: walk to the shop, play in the park etc. Prompt the children to write, comment, interact with pictures/symbols about what they have done. Do they like/dislike the activity? Can they repeat/name the activity?


* This half term we will be focusing on three areas in maths: place value, statistics and measurement (height and weight)

* For place value, children can explore numbers that cross a 10, e.g. exploring what comes after 10, 20, 30 etc. Children can explore this visually and physically by collecting an amount of something (e.g. to make a recipe), to sort items into groups (groups of 1’s, 2’s etc) or to sing / say different number rhymes and songs. As a class we will be looking at counting physical actions e.g. 10 jumps, 5 star jumps etc.

* Playing hide and seek with different toys, can they describe the position on the objects. E.g. on top, under, next to.

* For statistics we will be grouping and counting a range of objects by colour and size primarily. This can be displayed visually in groups for the children to count / match the colours. As an extension, children could add more / take some away from the groups or find something else of the same category e.g. colour.


* For science we will be investigating height. Children could be measured at home (on paper, against the wall etc) and keep investigating it in the following weeks.

* We will be sequencing pictures of lifecycles e.g. baby, child, adolescent, adult etc.

* We will be investigating the effects of exercise on our bodies. Do we feel warmer? What should we drink when doing exercise?


* We will be focusing on looking at old pictures of ourselves and sequencing them

* We will be looking at the celebration of Easter

* We will be investigating healthy diets and preparing balanced meals


* This term we are going to focus on what activities we like and what makes us happy. We will focusing on looking, writing and talking about the activities and people that make us happy

Please record any homework activities you undertake in the homework book you have received from class alternatively you can email any pictures to In the Subject box mark them for the attention of your child’s class e.g. For the Attention of India Class and we will print them and pop them in the book.