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 * Sing the song ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ as a family on regular occasions. Also do the actions whilst singing to help children learn body part names. * Finger painting – both parent and child dips fingers in paint and makes marks on paper using their fingers. Perhaps use a different colour paint each. Mark making.


* Do handprints with paint of all family members in the household. Once dry, cut them out then glue them into family homework exercise book in size order of smallest to largest. * Count fingers, count toes together. Repeat regularly.



* Create a ‘things I like’ poster. Include pictures, magazine cuttings, photos or drawings of what your child likes e.g. Foods/cartoons/objects/colours/activities/animals/toys they like. * Mirror play – together as parent and child look in a mirror. Position your child in front of the mirror so that s/he can see both her/his reflection and your reflection. Work on imitation skills, by making funny faces in the mirror and asking your child to do the same (wrinkle nose, stick out tongue, widen eyes, raise eyebrows etc.) Can you make your child laugh with the funny faces you pull?



* Make a family photo book. Include photos of close family members (even pets) and look at the photos together. Tell your child the name of each person as you point at each photo. If you could send these into school for us to use too we would be very grateful.

From the selection below choose at least 1 activity to carry out with you child.  This is designed to be a pleasurable experience for you all and should include at least one activity your child can have-a-go at with some help.