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China Homework

 From the selection below choose at least 1 activity from each section to carry out with you child.  This is designed to be a pleasurable experience for you all and should include at least one activity your child can have-a-go at with some help. 

Curriculum Area




We will be looking at religious and historical stories linked to the celebrations of bonfire night, Diwali and remembrance day.

Please share a photo of a family celebration and write a simple caption to tell us about why it was special to you. This could be a birthday or religious event that is important to you and your family.

Later in the topic we will be exploring space. Your child could design their own alien and think of adjectives to describe it.


We will be learning about addition and subtraction, Can your child count their toys and add one more or combine two groups of toys/sweets and count the new total?

We will also be focusing on position and direction. Give your child clues to find a hidden toy – for example ‘next to the fridge, under the box’. They could also draw pictures from positional instructions such as ‘cat next to ball’.


We will be exploring light, dark and space in China class. Go on a light hunt around the house – what light sources can you find together. Your child could record this in their homework book through captions or pictures.

Look at the night sky together what can you see? Talk about the changes from day to night – when can we see the stars/sun in the sky. Could your child create a landscape of the sky at night and in the day to compare the differences?


·Create a rocket using junk from around the house such as cardboard tubes and bottles

·Look for fireworks in the night’s sky and make a bonfire night picture.

·Make a card for a celebration for a friend or family member.


It is children in need day and anti-bullying week during this half term. Therefore we will be thinking about how we can be kind friends. Can your child tell you how they have been a good friend at school or be show kindness to a sibling. Also look out for Pudsey bear, can your child spot him on TV or around Derby.